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PALM BEACH, FLORIDA (August 10, 2023) – Dr. Jason M. Cuéllar, a Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, and one of the nation’s leaders in Motion Preservation and Minimally Invasive spine surgery, is now performing Lumbar Total Disc Replacement (TDR) procedures in the South Florida region.  After many years at Cedars-Sinai in Beverly Hills CA, having performed hundreds of these procedures, Dr. Cuéllar has been able to expand his utilization for his patients with multi-level Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) due to Centinel Spine’s recent FDA approval for two-level implantation and improving reimbursement landscape. 

Whereas lumbar disc replacement was previously only FDA approved for single-level problems, Centinel Spine’s clinically proven prodisc® L Total Disc Replacement (TDR) technology has now received FDA approval for two-level implantation.  Many patients who previously were not candidates will now have access to this life-changing procedure.  The procedure offers a surgical alternative to spinal fusions in the lumbar spine and works to relieve pain in patients suffering from degenerated spinal discs, while maintaining motion over the long term at the diseased spinal segment, and reducing adjacent-level degeneration and re-operations.

As spine treatments continue to make advancements through innovative technologies and motion preserving techniques, patients are seeking out alternatives to fusions.  “While the majority of my patients can return to an active and pain free lifestyle through conservative care methods, a small percentage of them require surgical intervention and this minimally invasive procedure has allowed my appropriate patient candidates the opportunity to maintain motion in the affected segment with excellent long-term results,” stated Cuéllar

He went on to say, “With the newly approved two-level use for prodisc® L, more of my patients will be able to benefit from disc replacement technology, which enables motion in the diseased segments of the spine. Using a minimally-invasive anterior approach, my patients also benefit from a much faster recovery and return to active life, while decreasing the likelihood of adjacent level degeneration.”

The prodisc® L TDR is an alternative to spinal fusion surgery. It enables motion within the spine— rather than fusing the motion segments together, which can result in a decrease in mobility. Even in the short- to medium-term, a comparative five-year study showed a three times lower likelihood of adjacent level degeneration in those patients receiving the prodisc® L total disc replacement versus those who received a fusion2. (Adjacent-level degeneration was characterized by a composite score including disc height loss, endplate sclerosis, osteophytes, and spondylolisthesis.)

The prodisc® L system received one-level FDA approval in 2006 and since 2020 is the only total disc replacement device in the U.S. approved for two-level use in the lumbar spine. Recent expanded insurance coverage for lumbar TDR with the prodisc® L device has contributed to the patient’s ability to have this procedure.

In addition to performing Lumbar Total Disc Replacement’s, Dr. Cuéllar is also an advocate of the Cervical Total Disc Replacement procedure utilizing Centinel Spine’s family of prodisc® C devices (prodisc® C, prodisc® C Vivo, & prodisc® C  SK), which allow the surgeon optionality to select the best implant to match the patient’s individual anatomy.

For today’s patient looking forward to a speedy recovery to an active life-style, prodisc® L is a powerful treatment option worthy of consideration for appropriate patients.  For more information about Dr. Jason M. Cuéllar, the Total Disc Replacement procedure, or general spine surgery, please visit: to request a consultation.


About Cuellar Spine and Dr. Jason M. Cuéllar

Dr. Jason M. Cuéllar is a fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in treating spinal disorders serving patients in South Florida. He is dedicated to providing compassionate surgical and non-operative treatments for all patients including artificial disc replacement, regenerative medicine, and injections of a novel biologic therapy for osteoarthritis. He is affiliated with Jupiter Medical Center, JFK North Hospital in West Palm Beach, Aventura Hospital in Miami and at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. In addition, he performs outpatient surgery at the Advanced Surgical Center of Beverly Hills, SurgCenter of Palm Beach Gardens, Miami Surgical Center, and Lake Worth Surgical Center in Florida,

With new, innovative technological developments in the field of spinal surgery emerging every day, Dr. Cuéllar and his team remain at the forefront of cutting-edge treatment options. At Cuéllar Spine, their team is dedicated to finding meaningful results for their patients, which means supporting the quality of life goals of each individual, at each step of that journey.  They are committed to providing not only the highest quality spine care, but also compassionate attentiveness, that places the patient at the center.

With Locations in Miami, Jupiter, and Palm Beach Gardens relief is just one call away.  For more information please visit to request a consultation. 


About Centinel Spine, LLC

Centinel Spine®, LLC is a leading global medical device company addressing cervical and lumbar spinal disease through anterior surgical access. The company offers a continuum of trusted, brand-name, motion-preserving and fusion solutions backed by over 30 years of clinical success—providing the most robust and clinically-proven technology platforms in the world for total disc replacement (prodisc®) and Integrated Interbody fusion (STALIF®).

Centinel Spine continues to advance its pioneering culture and corporate mission to become a catalyst of change in the spine industry and alter the way spine surgery is perceived. Centinel Spine remains the only company with comprehensive motion-preserving and fusion solutions for both cervical and lumbar anterior column reconstruction.

For more information on Centinel Spine products and technologies, please visit the company’s website at and connect on Twitter and Facebook.

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