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Alternatives to Spinal Fusion: Minimally Invasive & Non-Surgical Solutions for Back Pain Relief

Chronic back pain can be debilitating. This pain can be so persistent that it completely transforms life as you once knew it into a very limited every day - walking up stairs, riding in the car, grocery shopping - activities that we normally take for granted can become very taxing.

Pain can remain within the low back (axial) or radiate out to the hips and down the legs and feet. When this pain becomes chronic it can become overwhelming and exhausting. Many people experience chronic pain as a result of disc herniation and/or degeneration of intervertebral discs as a result of aging. Although these conditions may be troublesome, there is hope for relief with a number of new and innovative treatments offered as spinal fusion alternatives in Palm Beach County.

Although the traditional approach to treating disc herniation and diseased or damaged intervertebral discs has been to perform spinal fusion surgical procedures, there are now more dynamic and advanced techniques available to patients. Previously, during a spinal fusion surgery, the intervertebral bones were bonded together during a procedure that would require an overnight stay in the hospital and leave the patient with less mobility than the natural spine originally allowed for. Alternatively, minimally invasive surgery can reduce blood loss and post-operative recovery time.

Understanding Back Pain

Any pain that is sourced in the spine and lasts over a period of multiple weeks may be cause for concern as chronic back pain. A pulled muscle or strain is common, but will not persist after a shorter amount of time. Some major contributors of chronic back pain are:

Degenerative disc disease is a leading cause of chronic back pain in older patients. It occurs from normal “wear and tear” when an intervertebral disc is degraded over time.

A herniated disc can happen to anyone. When the inner layer of the disc extrudes out through a hole in the outer layer of the disc, it can put pressure on nerve roots which can cause pain, numbness or weakness.

Narrowing of the spinal canal can lead to back pain, radiating buttock or leg pain and/or numbness or weakness in the legs.

Degeneration of the facet joints of the lumbar spine may be a cause of axial back pain in a small percentage of patients.

This is a slippage of one vertebral body over another, leading to spinal instability.

A traditional spinal fusion bonds two vertebral bones together permanently. This can cause problems later as the surrounding vertebrae are then supporting additional pressure. Spinal fusion also limits mobility as the spine will no longer be as flexible in that area, and will not move in the same way as it once did. Alternatively, more advanced procedures such as lumbar total disc replacement can be an excellent alternative to fusion.

Is a Spinal Fusion the Right Treatment for Me?

Spinal health is important to your body your entire life - consulting a doctor about the right spinal treatment for your condition is imperative. A fusion may not be the right option for you if your goal is to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. There are alternatives to spinal fusions, and considering the long-term effects of your spinal surgery decision is important - it could have an impact on the rest of your life.

Exploring Minimally Invasive Techniques

Artificial Disc Replacement

Regenerative Medicine for Spinal Conditions

Non-Surgical Alternatives

There are a number of ways to treat chronic back pain that do not involve surgery, such as physical therapy, chiropractic care, and acupuncture. These treatment options offer patients non-invasive solutions to relieve pain, strengthen their spines and improve mobility.





“Attentive, knowledgeable, professional, and treats every patient with individual care! Saved my dad’s life with his minimally invasive procedure and his mindfulness of the medication my father was on before procedure. Thank you Dr. Cuéllar!”

- Eleena H.


“I had my consult with Dr. Cuellar yesterday and I was very happy with my visit. The consultation was to discuss a potential surgery that would be pretty extensive/ significant. So it was important to me to have an understanding and compassionate provider. Dr. Cuellar did just that.

He had a great way of balancing his intelligence, understanding, and patience and I did not feel as though he was talking 'at me' or 'down to' me. He was allowing me to actively participate in the conversation (unlike most providers I have dealt with in the past). I was able to go through all of my imaging with him and he explained everything thoroughly. He was not trying to persuade me to do the surgery or push me into anything.

If I do decide to do the spinal revision and artificial disc replacement surgery it will most definitely be with him. His staff, Rachel in particular, was also extremely helpful with scheduling and she was prompt with all of her emails and correspondences with me. So far, nothing but good things to say about my visit with Dr. Cuellar”

- F.Q.

“My priority as a surgeon is getting you better and back to the lifestyle you enjoy”
Dr. Jason M. Cuéllar

Why Choose Dr. Cuéllar for Spinal Fusion Alternatives

Dr. Cuéllar is a top spinal surgeon in Palm Beach County for alternatives to spinal fusion due to his extensive expertise and personal experience with spinal disorders. He offers both surgical and non-operative treatments, including artificial disc replacement and regenerative medicine, stemming from his own 20-year journey with chronic back pain and failed surgeries. Dr. Cuéllar's commitment to a holistic, patient-centric approach makes him a trusted choice for individuals seeking comprehensive care, whether surgical or non-surgical, for their spinal conditions.

Lifestyle, genetics and pre-existing conditions all play a part in selecting the right treatment for your back pain. By using the right imaging tools and by providing a thorough physical examination, your surgeon can guide you to the treatment that is best suited for your needs.

Find answers to treating your spinal condition with Dr. Cuéllar and his devoted staff. Our personalized advice will help you make one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make for your body and for your future.

Find a solution to your back and neck pain management with Dr. Cuéllar. Call us for a consultation today.

Dr. Jason Cuellar came to the field of spinal surgery after needing to address his own spinal condition and back pain, which eventually led him to need spinal surgery with a lumbar artificial disc replacement. Dr. Cuéllar is a highly specialized, sought after spinal surgeon, whose expertise has changed the lives of many patients over the years. He is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon with affiliations to Cedar-Sinai Spine Center of Excellence and Lanman Spinal Neurosurgery. Dr. Cuéllar is a pioneer spinal surgeon and has had excellent outcomes from his artificial disc replacements with his patients.


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