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Cuéllar Spine is conveniently located in Palm Beach County, one of our two locations in Florida. Our friendly staff is eager to learn more about your condition and get you on the right path to recovery. We want you to feel at home with us here at Cuéllar Spine, and welcome our patients with consultations with us — some of the most highly trained and specialized surgeons in the country. Find answers with the right diagnosis with Dr. Cuéllar and our devoted team.

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Finding the Treatment
That is Right — For You

Your pain should not stop you from living. At Cuéllar Spine, we pioneer minimally invasive and non-surgical procedures to get you back to moving, faster. Our commitment to your care will help us find a treatment for your pain that will help you to continue to live limitlessly.

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Unique Approach

At Cuéllar Spine, we are dedicated to life-changing results. Our team of medical experts knows that the spine is complex and everyone deserves a unique and holistic approach that will work with you. We believe in a quality of life that is pain-free and know that a better future is possible and we strive to get you back to living limitlessly.

Innovative Solutions

With new, innovative technological developments in the field of spinal surgery emerging every day, Dr. Cuéllar and his team believe in seeking the best diagnosis and treatment for any condition that arises. Our team is here to help you find answers and the right path to a pain-free tomorrow.

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